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So, I’ve been a bit quiet as of late. This is largely to do with the fact that I took a rare holiday. And, of course, being the poetry fiend I am, on my way I saw some wonderful poetry relics. The 1st draft of The Waste Land, Lowell’s ‘Beyond the Alps’, an original Mayakovsky book, and this…

ee cummings' typewriter, on display at the New York public library

What a rare delight to see something as rare as this, purely by chance. I’m a huge fan of Cummings, where the title of this post comes from, and to see his beautifully preserved source of all of his typographic adventures was a great find.

This is really a quick note to say that I am back in the country and have quite a lot of posts to be writing up. Since I have been away, my first poetry review has been put up on the wonderful Sabotage Reviews site. You can read my review of Alasdair Paterson’s Brumaire and Later by following this link.

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